Joseph Heller's masterpiece.

Yossarian, Colonel Cathcart, Captain Black of the Great Loyalty Oath Campaign, Milo Minderbender of the Syndicate (buy eggs in Sicily for seven cents and sell them in Malta for five cents - and everyone gets a share), General Dreedle, PFC Wintergreen, Doc Daneeka, Chief White Half-Oat, the Soldier in White... a rich cast of characters that can be found, in their infinite variations, in every large organization I've encountered.

Each time I've read this book I found it funnier, darker, and more poignant than before. In the grand arc of my life I might not be so different from myself 6 years ago; but I have seen enough to appreciate it differently each time. Virginia Woolf said of Hamlet that to read it over a lifetime is to read an autobiography of ourselves.