Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your clicks -

My name is Alex McAuliffe. I am a reader and writer living in Dallas, Texas, but en route to Seattle, Washington in a few weeks' time. I write about the books (and other things) I read here on wfhlibrarian.com and on my newsletter. My primary interests are in philosophy, history, literature, and the outdoors. Expect a lot of questions about virtue, the highest good of man qua man, How We Got Here, and where we ought to be going.

I work in cybersecurity and technology, love running and hiking, and sometimes comment on politics and the Discourse when I can't help myself. Try as I might, the mind doesn't live on tomes alone.

The only editorial control of this site is by the lovely Kirsten Schulz. If you need to cancel me at any time, please route those requests through her.